About us

I’d been sitting on this idea for a while before finally doing something about it so for those interested, give me 2 minutes & let me take you on a quick ride. I’ve been training & fairly active for most of my life; starting in my mid-teens, through my 20’s and 30’s fairly consistently- training & surfing being my lifelong passions. As I get older (37), I’ve learnt year to year the importance of recovery & that bringing more silence & stillness into my health regime through other practises is almost essential regardless of how much I try & flex against it.

Roughly 3 years ago I started doing some cold-exposure work after reading about it. It was very simple at the time- no rules or guidelines of how, no thermostats or anything fancy. It was simple- get in cold water… breathe, breathe some more, calm myself & let go of the fight until I would inevitably find a place of peace in the struggle & whereby all the noise & chatter that would often occupy me would fall away.

For whatever reason, most of my life the mantra ‘No struggle, no peace’ has spoken & resonated with me so in that- I’ve known that incorporating more beneficial ‘hard’ in life has brought tremendous value my way in terms of improving mood, mental health, building resilience & in developing the relationship I have with myself. There are many ways to get there & to develop these areas, my exposure to cold was an easy, somewhat frictionless routine to develop these.

After a few years in the cold game, I thought it was time to get a personal setup at home. One where I could create a scenic & desirable zone of sorts that would inspire greater consistency & frequency from the privacy of my own home without the need to book in somewhere & or leave home to access it.

This is where I got stuck, there weren’t many options on the market here in Australia for ice bathing at home. The nice setups were north of $5k which was beyond what I wasn’t willing to part with or there were several inflatable/ plastic products made out of China which were of no appeal either as aesthetic & product longevity were important to me.

Enter 2020… across social media I had seen several College level athletes overseas using these oblong shaped steel tanks as their personal ice baths; as soon as I saw them I knew they were it. A unique shape & design constructed using an exterior grade material, portable in nature & something I could showcase at home without the need to inflate/ deflate & or hide away after use. This got me thinking, if I was looking for such a product then surely their were others like me in the same boat that may be interested too & with that- we set out to find a manufacturer we could work with, develop a product line & create a brand.

Ice Tubs Australia was born…. my goal to provide beautiful outdoor ice baths for biohackers, fitness enthusiasts, self-optimisers, the cold-water community & everyone in between.

It is my hope in building this product line & brand that your routine of ice bathing teaches you something about yourself as it has for me, I hope that it bridges the gap in your health goals whatever they may be & that by inducing more positive struggle into your life- I hope you are better equipped to handle the battles that come your way. X

About us